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Yes, ClickFunnels training Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Products Online.

When building different types of the marketing funnels, ClickFunnels is better than Shopify, so you can maximize conversions by offering upselling, down selling, and follow-up automatically.

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Affiliate Marketers Use Click Funnels

Here's Why

ClickFunnels Training

How to fully configure and build high converting micro sales funnels using the #1 funnel builder on the market, ClickFunnels.

Marketing Automation

How to connect ClickFunnels to the marketing automation tool of your choice so you can trigger automations based on customer behaviors.

Convert More Shoppers Into Buyers

How to build sales funnels to sell products & services, generate leads, run automated webinars, and launch products.

Outsmart Your Competition

And a lot more thing you will learn, like Facebook Conversion Tracking, Membership Portals, Pre-Built Funnels, and beyond!

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How To Make More Money Using Clickfunnels

Customer acquisition costs are rising.

A few years ago, you could buy clicks for pennies … now, you’re lucky to spend less than $1 per click.

Instead of spending $1 per new customer, you’re now spending $10.

You can’t market the same way you did a few years ago.

Think about it …

You could buy clicks for pennies, send the person straight to an ugly sales page, and still make money.

This eventually stopped working because everyone was doing it and ad costs outpaced sales.

Then, someone came up with the bright idea of implementing a squeeze page to capture contact information so you could sell to them again, and again, and again.

Hence, the whole “the money’s in the list” ideology was born.

Email marketing became all the rage … until, of course, everyone began doing it, causing inboxes to become flooded and open and click-through rates to plummet.

While email marketing still ranks #1 with regard to ROI compared to other marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter – it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be.

So, what’s the “next big thing?”

Sales funnels.

Which, coincidentally, aren’t a new concept. It’s just digital marketing was so easy for so long we didn’t have to work at it.

Now, the times they are a-changin’.

We have to do a better job marketing.

We have to actually have strategy, tactics, and skill.

The sales funnel concept has been reborn because it dramatically increases customer lifetime value … allowing you to spend more on customer acquisition.

“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins. – Dan Kennedy”

ClickFunnels is an amazing tool that gives individuals and small businesses the power to build insanely awesome sales funnels without forking over tens of thousands of dollars or having a full-time marketing and dev team.

Make more money on each sale!

Russell Brunson realized that by “stacking” products and services he began making a lot more money on each sale (checkout).

Stacking” is really not new either. In the old days it was called suggestive selling. The Kinney Shoe Corporation trained their shoe sales teams to offer other products during the sale to increase profits. 

Remember when you bought a pair of shoes and they first offered you another pair of shoes at a discount? Then they would “bundle” the shoes with socks, handbags, hosiery, and shoe care products.  Click Funnels does the same thing and it’s the individual funnels that does all of the work for you.

The process is really simple: just point and click.

Click Funnels makes it super simple to setup an online business. There is really no learning curve because of all of the automation of the Click Funnels platform.

You can have your online business up and running in literally minutes!

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