How Facebook Marketing Done Right Can Change Your Business Overnight


Facebook is the busiest advertising platform for online business in terms of sheer volume and it’s where almost everyone on the planet spends most of their time when online. Do you need any other reasons to advertise with Facebook?

People spend far more time on the Facebook platform than anywhere else. This enables online marketers to know WHERE to Fish for BUYERS, but not HOW to Fish for BUYERS.

Facebook has some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence on the planet. Its revenue is derived from online marketers so Zuckerberg knew he had to figure out how to make Facebook the “go to” advertising platform. He accomplished that by developing something we will call his “secret sauce”. This “secret sauce” allows Facebook to show ads to people that have an active interest in your product or service RIGHT NOW. This proprietary software built into the artificial intelligence platform makes it real easy to market only to those people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service.

So by laser focusing your advertising to only those who have expressed an interest in what you are promoting you do several things:

1. Drive Advertising Costs Down
2. Increase Your Return on Investment
3. Increase # of Sales
4. Close More Sales in Shorter Time Span
5. Build Business Reputation (drive repeat sales)

Prepping Your Customers

The Facebook user is a very sophisticated consumer. Unlike TV, Radio, and ordinary Print advertising, Facebook’s users must be hit with a velvet hammer. It’s just enough gentle persuasion to convince them that THEY had an interest in… whatever. No one likes to be sold anything. So it’s important to create your advertising in such a way that creates a massive amount of interest in what you are marketing, and it also makes your competitor’s advertising far less effective

SECRET: Facebook Allows You To Specifically Target Only People Interested In Buying Your Product!

Chet Holmes discovered that at any one time 3% of consumers are looking to buy your product or service RIGHT NOW. In addition the next 6-7% of consumers have expressed an interest BUYING your product or service RIGHT NOW. Realizing these key factors enabled Chet to ultra fine tune his advertising and drive sales like never before.

Chet Holmes
Chet Holmes -- Simply Brilliant!!

The Trick To Making More Sales Lies With Chet Holmes: Here’s Why…

Chet Holmes, was hired by Charlie Monger, as a business consultant. You may not know Charlie Monger’s name but I bet you’ve heard of Warren Buffet, haven’t you? Charlie Monger and Warren Buffet are business partners. Rather than listen to anyone talk about Chet we included Chet’s overall performance summary because we think it speaks volumes to Chet’s ability to create sales.

Chet Holmes has worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America’s top marketing executive, trainer, strategic consultant and motivation expert. He has identified and developed the 12 core competencies that are proven to provide the main structure of truly great companies and he has developed more than fifty proprietary methods for implementing to see his and your ideas actually take root and grow. The realization of Chet’s discoveries came to full fruition while running nine divisions of a company for Charlie Munger (on the Forbes “Billionaires” list, partner of Warren Buffett). Chet Holmes doubled the sales volume of each division, most within only 12 to 15 months, continuing strategic growth in several divisions and again doubling sales for several years consecutively. Charlie has called Chet, “America’s greatest sales and marketing executive.” “It was all in the constant focus on the 12 competencies,” explains Chet. These 12 competencies became the foundation for more than 65 training products now selling in 23 countries. Chet is the author of the bestselling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine (#1 business book on Amazon, #1 Sales and Marketing book on Amazon, and also on NY Times best seller list). Chet also authored the Business Growth Masters Series (with Jay Abraham), Mega Marketing and Sales and Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master (with Jay Levinson)


Huge advertising budgets are NOT REQUIRED!

Chet Holmes wrote a best selling book entitled: The Ultimate Sales Machine. He defined a business principle that ushered in the culture of “value added marketing” which is why Facebook and YouTube advertising are so effective. By utilizing value added marketing he doubled sales for Charlie Monger (Warren Buffet’s Business Partner). This was not just a one off kind of thing. Chet consistently produced phenomenal sales growth each time he took over a division.

So now you NO LONGER need to advertise to everybody which saves you A LOT of advertising MONEY. Value added marketing drives sales like nothing before, the results speak for themselves and are nothing short of amazing. Imagine marketing only to those who are looking to buy your particular service or product RIGHT NOW!

This type of laser targeted marketing produces huge return on investments because you are no longer WASTING precious advertising dollars on those 90% of people not wanting to buy your product or service.

Chet Holmes Discovered Value Added Marketing Drives Sales Like Nothing Before


Chet realized he was on to something when he began to see a significant increase in customer engagement and follow through on purchases, i. e. sales. He also discovered that most of the competition doesn’t even know what value added marketing is. He began out performing his competition by huge margins. He consistently out performed not only the competition, but his own benchmarks as well. He literally mopped the floor with the competition.

Facebook Advertising Works


Advertising on Facebook is a MUST. Robby Blanchard, who teaches online entrepreneurs how to advertise on Facebook is THE EXPERT other gurus seek out when creating their Facebook Advertising. Even John Crestani (creator of The Super Affiliate System) has a special video created by Robby Blanchard for John’s course on Affiliate Marketing inside his course.

The Course To Your Success


I personally own this course. Of all of the online marketing courses I have bought I think this course was the fastest and easiest to learn. It’s priced at $997 just like many of the online marketing courses. You can pay for it in one payment or break it up to be something you can get your hands on and begin using right away.

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